Our Process

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Our Proven Process for Superior Service and Results

At Big Bear A/C & Heating, our commitment to personal customer service, honesty and value is central to every process we put in place. Here’s what you can expect when you choose Big Bear for your on-site HVAC service or repair:

Estimates for Equipment Replacement

  1. Appointment Request. You can contact us via Contact Us/Make An Appointment, or call 972-998-9990. Our dispatchers will contact you directly to schedule a time for one of our technicians to make an on-site inspection of your system.
  2. Site Inspection. Our service technician will arrive on time and will review your needs and concerns, and ask direct questions about problem areas in the house. The technician will inspect the existing equipment and fill out a spec sheet with all the necessary duct sizes, location, and even filter sizes. The spec sheet will help us make sure we take care of all the concerns and problems.
  3. Final report. The technician will then let you know what he has found, his recommendations, and answer any questions you might have. Proposals showing different choices will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Requests for Service/Repair

  1. You can contact us via the Contact Us/Make An Appointment, or call us at 972-998-9990. Our dispatchers will contact you directly to schedule a time for one of our technicians to diagnose the problem. You will receive an email confirmation of the appointment time and day. It is key that we have your correct email address to make sure we can serve you quickly and correctly.
  2. The technician will notify you via email when he’s traveling to your house. The email will contain a picture of the technician and his truck so you know who you are expecting. If the technician is ahead of schedule, he will call to make sure you can see him early.
  3. The technician will cover his feet with booties before entering your house, and will cover the floor underneath the attic access to catch any debris or insulation that might fall when the door is opened. The technician will ask you specific questions to make sure he will look at all the problems.
  4. After diagnosing the problem, the technician will report back to let you know the problem, solution, and cost of the repair. At this time he will answer any questions or concerns you might have.
  5. If parts need to be special ordered, the technician will make note of the model and serial number of the unit, and will forward this information to the office staff. We will send you a written quote via email to let you know the cost and how soon the job can be completed. Please reply with your approval if you wish to proceed with the repair.
  6. Once the repair is completed, the technician will report the final status of the system and will present the final invoice for collection. You will receive a copy of the invoice via email.

Equipment Installation Day

If Big Bear will be installing a new system or equipment at your residence, you can expect the following:

  1. We will arrive at your house between 8:30 – 9:00am ready to work. We will post the city permit in a visible area at the front of your home.
  2. Our work will usually begin in the attic. We will cover the floor/stairs and under the attic access to avoid having insulation and dirt tracked throughout the house. If you have any pictures hanging in the proximity of the attic access, we ask that you remove them to avoid damage.
  3. Your existing equipment will be removed carefully and placed outside, close to the Big Bear trailer.
  4. Your new equipment will be unboxed and moved into the attic for installation.
  5. After most of the work in the attic is completed, we will then begin working on the outdoor unit (if applicable).
  6. If the job takes more than 3 hours, the crew will usually take a 30-minute lunch break.
  7. Once the installation is nearing completion, the crew will start testing the new equipment, verifying that everything is in working order. We will also inspect the installation as a second “quality control” check.
  8. If a new thermostat has been installed, we will explain its use and features. At this time, we will also explain the equipment registration process with the manufacturer in order to secure the 10-year parts warranty. If you have purchased a 10-year labor warranty, we will explain the process in case it has to be used. We will also leave the city permit with you so you can call the inspection office and schedule a time for an inspector to come by and look at the work.
  9. Lastly, we will make sure we leave the work area cleaner than we found it.

After everything has been completed to your satisfaction and approval, we will then present the final invoice for payment. Please note that payment for all equipment and services is due upon completion of installation.