5 Reasons Your A/C Gives You A High Electric Bill

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5 Reasons Your A/C Gives You A High Electric Bill –  Here is a wonderful blog post from our sister site: https://www.nthac.com

5 Reasons Your A/C Gives You A High Electric Bill

Wondering why your cooling system has become the greatest energy hog in your home? This is a common issue in the summer season. And homeowners are not aware of their carelessness for their HVAC system that leads to this nerve-racking issue. 

 To give you some important information on why your air conditioning unit is so expensive to run, we have listed 5 conditions below.

  1. Bad Installation

An improperly installed A/C unit is a real stress to your budget. For instance, your HVAC technician has installed an incorrect A/C size for your home. Whether it’s too big or too small, it still consumes more energy than necessary and may cause you big time on repairs. Other problems with bad installation can be seen in the missing parts and non-sealed duct connections.

  1. Old System

How long have you been using your air conditioning unit? If it has been 15 years or more, you better replace it with a newer and more updated unit. Why? Because old systems are no longer as efficient in doing their job as they did before. As a result, it will consume more energy in its operation, leaving you with nothing but high energy bills for the entire summer season.

  1. Low Refrigerant

Being a major component in the cooling process of your air conditioning unit, it is important that the right amount of refrigerant is maintained in your system. Inadequacy can lead to longer cooling which also means higher energy usage. Refrigerant insufficiency is primarily caused by the presence of leaks in the system. Be sure to let the professional seal the leaks first before adding the right amount of refrigerant to the system.

  1. Duct Leaks

Most energy wastage happens in leaky ducts. If there are leaks, cracks, or disconnections in the ducts, the conditioned air is allowed to move out of the system. As a result, you will have uneven or insufficient cooling in your home, and your system has to work harder and longer to comply with the temperature set on your thermostat.

  1. Lack of Maintenance

The most important task a homeowner should never forget is to schedule a regular HVAC maintenance service. If not, your system can have failing components, dirty filters, and other problems without your knowledge. These issues slow down the unit’s operation and make it work inefficiently.

A/C units are the superman of the house when the scorching summer temperature steps in. If you experience any of the conditions mentioned above in your North Texas home, get immediate assistance from the professionals at North Texas Heating and Air Conditioning. You can count on us for quality services and reliable recommendations. Give us a call today!