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Our commitment to giving quality products and services starts from our highly-trained professionals and dependable staff. Geared by knowledge and experiences in the field, we assure you that your deeply cherished investments are in good hands. We are proud to say that we are certified by the following industry organizations:

Our Risk-Free Quality Guarantee:

We stand behind our work. We guarantee the best value at the lowest cost to you, based on our detailed Company specifications using comparable products, efficiency, warranties, guarantees, and our installation quality standards. Our price to you is the best value you can receive in the market as a direct, “apples-to-apples” comparison, or we will meet your documented price and give you $400 if you present a legitimate competitive quote from a Texas State-licensed contractor in writing!

We insist on your 100% complete satisfaction. We guarantee our quality and workmanship will meet your satisfaction or you don’t pay. We will conduct a quality walk-through with you, and demonstrate the workmanship we agreed to in writing in our specification for your home. We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our quality or you don’t pay!

Once we perform the heat loss and heat gain calculation we will guarantee for 1 year that the system we install will heat or cool your home as stated below:

Heating Season: your house will maintain 71 degrees on a 0 degree day when your system is in operations. 

Cooling Season: the air conditioning system will maintain the 74 degree temperature set at the thermostat on a 94 degree day A 20 degree difference from the outside temperature is a normal split to maintain.

If the temperature is not maintained as promised after we analyze the problem, we will replace and correct the system at no charge to you.


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  • American Standard  Factory Authorized Dealers

    If you want reliable and quality products for your residential and commercial place, the American Standard Factory Authorized Dealers are the experts to call. American Standard products are widely known for high-quality and reliability, and you’ll get 100% satisfaction guarantee when purchasing them from American Standard Factory Authorized Dealers.

    Obtaining the seal of approval for American Standard Factory Authorized Dealers is not a piece of cake. Heating and air conditioning experts need to meet the highest standards in their technical expertise, business practices, and customer service quality to earn the distinction.

    Big Bear Heating and Air Conditioning is a proud American Standard Authorized Factory Dealer for years now, providing the entire North Texas area with superior services and high-quality heating and cooling products.

  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE)

    North American Technician Excellence (NATE) recognizes valuable and high-quality service technicians in the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration. We are proud to have a team of professionals who have passed the closest examinations and are certified by this prestigious organization.