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A/C Duct Repair in Frisco, TX

It takes more than a good system to properly heat and cool a home. The quality of your duct system can make a huge difference in your monthly cost and the lifetime output of your system. Big Bear A/C & Heating specializes in A/C duct repair and installation in Frisco and surrounding communities.

Many people upgrade their home heating and cooling systems over the years, but too often, the ducts feeding air into and out of those systems are left untouched. If your home has inadequate air duct capacity, your system can’t run at maximum efficiency, and it keeps your energy costs high. We can ensure that the duct system hidden behind your home’s walls is a good match for the manufacturer specifications of your HVAC equipment, as well as for your interior space. If it’s not, we can add duct runs or vents, balance the airflow within your home, and ensure that your home’s heating and cooling system is running at peak efficiency.

We have heard that most of the manufacturers are denying warranty claims if the equipment is found to be lacking return airflow. Since 2006 we have been measuring and suggesting return airflow improvements as part of all of our installations throughout the Frisco and surrounding areas. Leaving no stone unturned is just how we do business.

Don’t keep throwing money away! Find out if your home ventilation is in need of heat and A/C duct repair or maintenance today. Make an appointment today for a duct system evaluation, and look forward to saving money on future electric bills.