A heat pump is an incredible piece of HVAC technology. These pieces of equipment are particularly useful in a climate like the one we have in Frisco, as they can work to both cool and warm a building. So, whether you need to bring the temperature down in the summer or up in the winter, your heat pump will be up to the challenge.

Of course, it’s only going to be able to serve you if it is in place and working properly. So, if you need heat pump installation work in Frisco, TX, or you need to have a heat pump repaired, contact Big Bear Air for help. We have served many of your friends and neighbors in the Frisco area and we’ll bring all that experience to your job. Get in touch today to get started.


If you are in the market for an air conditioner, it’s worth your time to consider opting for a heat pump, instead. With a heat pump, you’ll still enjoy the cooling power of a dedicated AC unit, but you’ll also be able to warm your home with that same unit when the winter comes around. It’s not hard to understand the advantage that comes with getting both of these functions from the same part of your system. Some homes use their heat pump as an addition to an existing furnace, while others use the heat pump alone to warm their house.


You don’t want to let too much time pass while your heat pump is working at less than full capacity – or not working at all. If you start to hear unusual noises when your heat pump is running, call Big Bear Air to have our team check it out. Likewise, if you aren’t getting the performance you expect, or it’s taking a long time to get your home to the right temperature, heat pump repair may be necessary at your Frisco, TX home. Pay attention to how your system is working and reach out to us at the first sign of trouble.


Are you dealing with an old HVAC system that seems to be on its last legs? Now might be the right time for a new heat pump from Big Bear Air. For example, maybe you have an aging furnace and no air conditioning serving your home – upgrading to a heat pump would significantly improve your comfort in the summer months, and you’d get rid of the inefficiency of that old furnace at the same time.


Is your current heat pump not functioning properly? We offer heat pump repair in Frisco TX for competitive rates. Or have you heard about everything a heat pump can provide and are interested in having one installed? We can help there, as well. Either way, getting started is simple – give us a call to learn more. Our team is ready and waiting to serve your heat pump needs.

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