Heating and Cooling Services with Big Bear

A properly functioning HVAC system is key to keeping your home comfortable throughout the year. Whether you need cooling power in the middle of a hot summer day or some warm air on a chilly December night, you don’t want your HVAC system to fail. With expert HVAC service in Frisco, TX and the surrounding areas, Big Bear A/C & Heating can help you keep your system running efficiently. Contact us today to schedule service!


With years of experience and a trained, professional team, you can trust Big Bear A/C & Heating to deliver the following HVAC services:

Thermostat Installation

A thermostat is the only way to control your heating and cooling system, so you want to be sure that yours is working properly. The technology included in thermostats has come a long way in recent years, so it’s worth upgrading even if your old model is technically still functioning. A modern thermostat allows you to set up schedules, control the system through a touchscreen interface, and may even connect to your phone.

Zone Control Systems

In a standard HVAC system, the whole home is heated and cooled to the same temperature, based on the reading taken by the thermostat. That system works fine in many applications, but some homeowners find that they would like to have a little more control over the temperature in each room. For that type of performance, zone control systems are necessary. Adding zone control to your HVAC system will permit you to dial in the right setting for various sections of the house. This can make you more comfortable while allowing you to save money and energy by only heating or cooling parts of the house that are going to be used.

Air Handlers

Having equipment in your home to heat or cool air is great, but those pieces alone won’t do the whole job. The air that is heated or cooled also needs to be moved, and that’s the job of an air handler. If you need to have an air handler installed, serviced, or repaired in Frisco or the surrounding area, you can count on Big Bear A/C & Heating.

HVAC Inspection

A proper inspection of your entire HVAC system is the best way to determine the cause of existing issues or prevent issues from occurring later. You may choose to have a complete HVAC inspection performed before you move into a house, or you might want to request this service just to check on the state of your current system and look for areas that can be upgraded. Our team is licensed and experienced, ready to provide a comprehensive inspection of your system.


No matter what type of HVAC service you require, the first step is always the same—reach out to Big Bear A/C & Heating today for help. Our team is excited to serve you!

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